Identification, location and trackability system for patients, professionals and equipment.

MYSPHERA improves the efficiency of the processes of a hospital and the safety of its patients. MYSPHERA is a real time location system (RTLS) which provides an overview of patients flows and processes at the hospital and which allows the optimisation of the use of existing resources.



  1. Identification: Secure identification by means of proximity scanning. Automatic authentication and time control.
  2. Location: Real time location (RTLS). Access control and leak prevention, increasing security.
  3. Trackability: Monitoring of people and equipment movements. Statistics and indicators. Integration with the electronic clinical history.

Integration with the HIS (Hospital Information System):

The integration of MYSPHERA with HIS and other hospital applications constitutes clear added value with regard to HIS functionality and service. Amongst other aspects it promotes:


  • The creation of synergies between monitoring statistics and other patient data.
  • Efficiency evaluation by areas.
  • Control of assets in real time, and analysis of the use of material.
  • The estimation of waiting times in emergency wards and of the duration of operation based on historic data.
  • Clinical patient safety. Notices and preventive measures to avoid mistakes during treatment warnings, medication, transfusions, etc .. System identification, location and tracking of patients, professionals and equipment.



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