Mission, Vision, Values

HELZIA – Your medical partner


Our mission is to help doctors and institutions to succeed in a changing competitive environment, supported by a professional team aligned with the goals and interests of each client.




Providing our clients with maximum profitability through:


  • High value-added products.
  • A very reliable and fast care service.
  • Being at the forefront in providing innovative solutions.
  • People that bring value to customers and develop customized solutions.
  • Efficient and related logistics and administration.
  • A professional team aligned with the goals and interests of our customers.



  • Passion and commitment
    Give your best with intensity and enthusiasm.
  • Top technology
    We select the technology that brings the best value to our customers.
  • Transparency and honesty
    We must be fair to each of our clients and partners, conveying opinions and alternatives in a clear manner.
  • People
    Everyone has something to bring. There are different specialists in different areas within the company, and all of them contribute to our success.
  • Courage and Challenging the Status Quo
    Being brave to express and implement our values clearly, even when we deal with others who do not. Doing things in the right way, even if that means a greater effort.