New concept of managing taking vital signs at health centers.

Mediphealth 1


Mediphealth is a new concept of managing taking vital signs at health centers, based on a combination of sensors integrated in a compact unit, which operate synchronously and connectivity with other systems.


The team dynamically displays all measurements on a single screen, while records and stores all the information. So nurses must only validate the data and save them so they are automatically recorded in the electronic medical record in a simple process, paperless and transcription errors.


The software trace and identify users and patients, and sends the information via a secure flow and no waiting to have it available anytime and anywhere, providing immediate access to any patient history.




Medipmobile is a mobile monitoring equipment that integrates vital signs, all-in-one, Tablet 10 “Batteries, electrocardiograph, sphygmomanometer, glucometer, spirometer, thermometer, pulse oximeter.


This solution avoids the geographic isolation of doctors away from hospitals, as it has wireless technology and is designed to move with complete autonomy.


Inside his suitcase all devices are synchronized, but we have gone beyond integrating an extraordinary feature that stores information and transmits it via wireless networks. Its portable design is surprisingly lightweight, compact and with a battery life to last weeks . Outwardly everything is designed for freedom of movement, it is Indestructible, has depressurization valve and is waterproof and dustproof.

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