Integrated electronic CH access and leisure system.


18″ touch screen installed next to the bed which incorporates IPTV, Volp y Wifi technology (Internet access), combining patient entertainment with the application of tools for viewing the clinical history and updating data at the same terminal.


On the one hand, the screen provides entertainment services (radio, TDT, Internet navigation, e-mail, games or e-books) to the patient so that he/she will have “the same functions as at his/her home” in a comfortable environment, doing away with “the sense of isolation”. On the other hand, it allows medical staff (doctors and nurses), through encoded cards, to access patient data: their clinical history, medical tests or analysis results electronically.


The possibility to compare clinical information, revise an analysis, view an X-ray or change medication using touch commands makes the health staff’s work easier. Integration of the webcam allows the addition of other functions such as patient-nurse communication or visual control from the nursing post. The touch screen can serve as a secondary monitor for a medical team or as a monitor of patient’s vital signs, storing the information and recording the data in the patient’s clinical history or sending it to the nursing control.


It also enables applications for room maintenance management and, in this regard, the optimisation of timeframes of staff responsible for this function.

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