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Surgical Cabin

ArcSterile is a laminar sterile flow cabin, innovative and unique in its category, which allows to carry out surgical procedures inside with a high level of asepsis (ISO 5)


We offer a full service engineering, manufacturing and installation of Technical Laboratory Furniture. We analyse the requirements and design the facilities and guide you in the process.


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Mediphealth is a new concept in measuring and monitoring vital signs, with both hospital-acquired solutions, such as community-acquired mobile measurement equipment, autonomous and connected to the network.

Technology (RTLS)

We offer the most advanced and RTLS solution tailored to the health sector, for locating patients, staff and assets, and improving processes and inventory management.


We offer a complete entertainment system for patients, staff bedside, which helps minimize the impact of hospitalization in adults and children, avoiding the technological isolation and improving their life quality.


A surgical cabin of laminar sterile flow that achieves levels aseptic ISO 5, and making it possible to have new spaces to perform surgeries.

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We offer a full service engineering, manufacturing and installation of furniture Technical Laboratory.

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MYSPHERA is a real-time location (RTLS) solution that provides an overview of processes and flows of patients in the hospital and helps to optimize the use of existing resources.

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We offer a multimedia personal entertainment system for patients, and simultaneously a complete management module for medical history for medical personnel.

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A highly qualified service, a dedicated logistics service and products selected thinking about what the professional needs at all times are our calling card.